I am available for adhoc freelance work and short to midterm contracts for larger projects.

I have a wide variety of experience across different mediums including print, web and social media.

My experience as the head of marketing for the entertainment department at Sainsbury’s gave me the opportunity to work within a large corporate marketing team. Working on a high number of different campaigns.

Subject matter included new release books, films, games and music as well as promotional activities across all. Specific target audiences by title and campaign. Tone of voice adapted for each campaign within the Sainsbury’s overall brand voice.

Currently studying English and Creative Writing at Birkbeck University of London. Achieving high honours marks in both areas to date.

I am a volunteer editor for The Mechanics Institute Online and examples of work I’ve have edited can be found on the website. Foaming Grasses by Nick Owen . Brexit Swan by Alice Wickham. Reconciliation by Ben O’Hara. When the Universe Listens by Alison Gibson.

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