This is a bit of a ‘hello world’ post. I am not sure what I am supposed to write really. But that’s how all writing starts, isn’t it?

I suppose I should start with what this is all about, or perhaps I should start with why. Then again another sip of wine might be a better step! 

red wine and squirrel. Not writing but drawing.
One of the ninja squirrels and my glass of red wine.

So where to start? Ah yes, writing. That’s what this is about, a place for my writing to breathe into the world.
I am a firm believer in the philosophy that everyone has a book in them. I have always had a head full of strange and (I think anyway) wonderful stories. Last year I decided to go back to university to see if I could learn how to write them down. Well I am about to start my second year at uni, and now feeling braver I thought it time to make some of those stories public.

So far I have only added two pieces, my poems from my coursework last academic year and also my fiction piece too. Leftovers, the fiction short story, achieved a first and some very encouraging comments from my tutors (all published writers in their own rights). I won’t reveal too much here, but it was inspired by some of the individuals I passed daily on my walk to the office in Holborn.

What’s Next

My next posts will probably be more fiction as that is what I am planning to focus on. I found poetry a little too tough, although it scored well I don’t think I understand it enough. It is a good outlet for emotional ramblings though!

A Note on Squirrels

Watch out for the ninja squirrels, they are everywhere – more to come on the origins of the site title and the above drawing later.