I can’t believe how time goes by so quickly. It doesn’t feel like over a year since I wrote a blog post and yet it is. So much has happened and there is much more to come.

I have started my final year at university and that alone feels surreal. My writing is coming along and I’m doing more and more – none of it is publishable yet, though I might add my coursework from last year to my fiction hub soon.

I started the summer holidays with a holiday. Unusually for us we took a family holiday. My father-in-law’s 70th deserved to be celebrated, so we took him to Greece. Athens and Delphi to take in some culture and then a week to relax on Crete.

Next on my list was a through de-cluttering, eBay selling and charity shop donations sorted out a lot of the miscellaneous collected stuff.

I also stepped up my efforts to get into trim. Personal training sessions just weren’t doing enough, so I switched to classes. Body pump, Pilates, Balance and Body Attack. The last was the end of my gymming adventures for a while: I broke ankle in class.

It’s been something like 13 weeks since then, 4 visits to the hospital and I am still not quite back on my feet. One more fracture clinic appointment next week and hopefully I’ll be back at the gym. Maybe I should have stuck to PT sessions after all.