Year One Poetry. These are the first poems I ever wrote.

Adventures to the Moon.

You have opened my heart
The sky and beyond.
Your love of adventures, perfectly mixed
In with mine
Lots that is new
Home, hugs on tap
And a luxury cat

From the home of the fishes
Right up to the sky
Your smile brightened up my
Dullest of days
You’ve taken my heart
Now put it away

Goodbye to the Moon.

A field of windmills
A fluid snaking road
Creased up hills
Surround patchwork fields
Glinting sun sparkles
On tiny roof tops

The sand edged shores of England
Slide beneath
Tufty white clouds endlessly flow,
Like blankets of snow floating

A coffee, a snack
All dressed in black
A hundred-an-eighty hemmed in a tube
An hour to delivery
Green Ireland
Slips below

An Aunt who’ll be missed
A cousin in tears
A pyre on an island
No fuss you asked, keep it low key
A quiet cavern under Ireland
Quite close to the sea

She’s been taken away
The lady who favoured black with
A splash of jade green
She’s sleeping now
She can’t be seen

Two daughters make sure
Everything’s done
All notices sent
And guests on their way

I’ll notice them, how much
They have done, how much
They have lost.
How proud you would be.
How will I cope when it’s my turn to lose?
Selfish to think, I’m thinking of me.

Three grandkids left, no nanny
To play
They’ve all grown up and
Moved away
Comfort short lived, two sisters alone
They’ll be okay, they know
You are home

Your girls have done you proud
I’m sure you’ll agree
You wanted no fuss
And it’s beautifully low key
In a quiet cavern, right on the sea.

Memories of you, your life
Your friends
Some older, some new
All that you’ve shared
Music you loved
Lifesavers honoured

Goodbye seems so final
But that’s what this is
For now, I’ll not see you soon
I’ll leave you to heaven
As I look to the moon.


Who knew squirrels were capable of making so much noise?
Does everyone know the racket they create, as if
The end of the world has been proclaimed, objecting ever so
Much. Be quiet
Be still, it’s not worth all the hubbub,
It’s all gone by
No one noticed the end is not nigh.

Quiet down little squirrel go on with your day,
Don’t try to upset or move along,
Blackbirds and sparrows
Sweet tweeting their song,
Share the food
Share the tree
You’ll get no help or argument from me.

The Start or the End

D-day, at least that’s how it feels
A long time coming
Went by in a flash
Well over a year
It’s come ‘round so fast

Completely expected, totally unknown
Swollen hands, dry throat
Pounding head and dry eyes

I just want to go home

Train journeys and travelling, a team bleary eyed
How far is this place?

I just want to arrive

Start of something new, not just another day
Extroverts turned introvert, no light in this day
It’s not so entertaining, so far away

Whole company affected, all coming together
Everyone different, all feeling the same
So much already altered, more changes to come
End of an era and the end of the fun

A new structure proposed, consultation starts
First as a group, next one to one
Some people leaving, some moving towns
Insulated and isolated, my team’s been so far
What’s it like out there? Is Milton Keynes really that far?

The team is leaving London, without me this time.
The start of something new
And, the start of
The End